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Journey to Minimalism, Day 1: I Made a Decision

It took me the entire weekend realize that I should have began my journey into minimalism.

I nearly put off writing this entry altogether. That’s the procrastinator and the perfectionist in me, I guess. I didn’t have an outline, and I don’t have an entirely relevant photo (hello, Ancoile zero waste mason jar matcha); I didn’t even think about minimalism too much as the Friday slipped into Saturday and Saturday tiptoed into Sunday. I had wanted to read The Minimalists’ Day 1 essay in the morning and let it sit with me the rest of the day, and continue that practice all weekend, but I simply forgot.

Had I waited any longer, I would have probably put off this entire project (and transition, and lifestyle change) on hold for at least another night. But, I decided to take a glance and see what today’s topic was all about, and I’m not surprised and its relevance.

Tonight, I make a damn decision. Tonight must be the night that I begin my journey into minimalism. And so, my “Must” list:

I must eat more plant-based foods and less meat.
I must workout regularly.
I must exercise my creativity more often.
I must declutter and live a life with less “stuff.”
I must work harder to develop my career path.
I must write more, and I must read more.
I must spend more money.
I must produce less waste.
I must no longer procrastinate.

Last night, I spent a few minutes decluttering my coffee table. Today, on my way home from work, I picked up fresh flowers to put in a vase. It’s baby steps like this — steps that bring peace into my space — that will make this journey worthwhile. It’s baby steps like this that will teach me new lessons and values.

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