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Impossible List

This list was inspired by Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. Original Impossible List created by Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ. You can find what I’m doing now over here.

Current Focuses:

  1. Get a master’s degree
  2. Run a faster 5k (current PR 28:39)
  3. Make a “One Second a Day” video that spans a year (09/20/2017 – 09/19/2018)
  4. Practice yoga every day for a month
  5. Read two books a month for a year (start 11/2017)

Health and Fitness Goals

  • Run a faster 5k (current PR 28:39)
  • Run 10k in less than one hour (current PR 01:01:49)
  • Run 15k
  • Run a half marathon in less than two hours (current PR 2:34:30)
  • Run a marathon
  • Run a duathlon
  • Run a triathlon
  • Run an Iron Man
  • Do 10 full pull ups with proper form
  • Go rock climbing on an actual mountain
  • Get visible abs **
  • Learn how to do a backflip
  • Go on a 28 day reset *
  • Complete a Tone It Up Bikini Series *
  • Complete all 24 weeks of Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide *
  • Learn how to box (or box regularly for x amount of time?) **
  • Jump rope **
  • Do a proper cartwheel
  • Do the following yoga poses with proper form (to be added eventually)

Habit-based Goals

  • Read two books a month for a year
  • Read one book a week for a year
  • Practice yoga every day for a month **
  • Volunteer every week for a year

Professional Goals

  • Become a guest blogger on a well-followed blog
  • Have a photograph of mine published in a print magazine
  • Have a photograph of mine published in a book
  • Have a photograph of mine in an exhibit
  • Publish an essay in a collection
  • Publish a long form piece in a magazine
  • Produce a documentary that’s at least 10 minutes long

Creative Goals

  • Make a “One Second a Day” video that spans a year (see: 1 Second Everyday)
  • Take one photo a day for a year (see: Project 365)
  • Complete a Wreck This Journal
  • Do all the assignments listed in Miranda July’s Learning to Love You More
  • Make you own pinhole camera and take photos with it
  • Become an explorer of the world
  • Develop a roll of film I shot in black and white on my own
  • Develop a roll of film I shot in color on my own
  • Watch one film a week for a year
  • Take a Polaroid photo every day for a year

Skill Goals

  • Become fluent in Spanish (Castellano)
  • Become (more?) fluent in Filipino (Tagalog)
  • Become fluent in American Sign Language
  • Learn how to drive, once and for all
  • Become a certified diver

Zero Waste Goals

  • Go pescetarian for three months
  • Go vegetarian for three months
  • Go vegan for three months
  • Fit one month’s worth of trash in one mason jar
  • Host a zero waste dinner party
  • Grow my own herbs

Travel Goals

  • See the Northern Lights
  • See the Cliffs of Mohair in Ireland
  • Spend an entire day by the ocean in Santorini
  • Go on a road trip in the U.S. and stop in five states
  • Walk the Camino de Santiago
  • Visit every region in the Philippines
  • Ride a hot air balloon in a foreign country (outside the Philippines/USA)
  • Spend at least two weeks in Paris
  • Go on a running retreat
  • Go on a yoga retreat
  • Visit the Iguazu Falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina
  • Join the 5 Borough Bike Tour in New York City

Life Goals

  • Develop good saving habits (specify?) **
  • Start a retirement fund
  • Become financially independent
  • Vote
  • Donate blood
  • Own a beach house
  • Go bungee jumping
  • Get some sort of emergency training certification (you’ll never know!)
  • Learn self-defense
  • Start investing? **
  • Get a master’s degree
  • Get an MBA? **
  • Get a PhD? **

Events to Attend

  • Mardi Gras
  • Hanson concert
  • Broken Social Scene concert
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Cannes Film Festival
  • Paul McCartney Concert

Still thinking about these
** I probably need to define this better